Over the past 25 years, we have felt the transformative power of tango, and we want to harness this energy to create a visceral experience that will touch the lives of everyone who walks through the doors of Tanda®.

Tanda® reveals itself as an exercise in modernized nostalgia, both in terms of design and concept. It is a playful passion project, shining a light on the cross-cultural story of tango by acting as a melting pot for new creative people and ideas to emerge.

Our mission is to provide world-class tango experiences that celebrate, educate, and encourage all aspects of tango. Our aim is for Tanda® to be a world that reflects the captivating subtleties of tango and where we can share our passion for it in an indulgent and transformative way. Giving our patrons comprehensive techniques to harness tango’s infinite healing possibilities, we aim to use tango not only as a source of enjoyment but as a rejuvenating tool for wellbeing.

“To us, tango is a distinctive and rewarding shared
lifestyle that penetrates our hearts and souls.”

– Olga Blavatnik, Founder of Tanda®


Olga took her first tango lesson over 20 years ago. The nostalgic sensuality of the music, the warmth of the embrace while dancing and the connection with like-minded people captivated her, she was hooked! After a brief period, the journey that she had embarked on came to an end but this new  world she had discovered and the passion she felt for it would remain, simmering inside.

Alejandra was born in Cordoba, Argentina. From a young age she turned to music and movement to express her inner world. She tried her skills in jazz, contemporary and aerial dance, and yoga and pilates, but once she stepped on the floor of a milonga club in the San Telmo neighborhood in Buenos Aires, she fell in love with tango and never looked back.

Adrian was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Authentic Porteño Adrian grew up in the traditional neighborhood Valentin Alsina with his grandparents, who first exposed him to tango at a very young age. He studied Argentinian Folklore in his adolescent years, participating in cultural and social events called “peñas”.


Our goal is to create an elevated, multidimensional experience that welcomes all.
We provide a venue where people can engage , network, improve their health and happiness, be moved, surprised, and at the same time feel safe and well-attended.