Adrian Veredice

Adrian was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Authentic Porteño Adrian grew up in the traditional neighborhood Valentin Alsina with his grandparents, who first exposed him to tango at a very young age. He studied Argentinian Folklore in his adolescent years, participating in cultural and social events called “peñas”.

In 1997, while studying Architecture in Buenos Aires, Adrian decided to resume dancing. He was drawn to a new style of tango – Nuevo Tango, and to the main musician behind this genre, Astor Piazzola. Adrian became a permanent presence first in Avellaneda, and later at the milongas in San Telmo, the epicenter of tango in the 1990s.

Adrian danced in traditional Tango Milongas and was able to learn the authentic Argentine tango with renowned Milongueros. He has participated in more than 200 International Tango Festivals in London, Berlin, Rome, Paris, Brussels, Lisbon, Vienna, Moscow, São Paulo, Dubai, Hong Kong, Seoul, Las Vegas, Miami among many others.

Adrian was the first dancer and choreographer for important tango shows such as Otango and CincoTango. He is currently serving as a jury member of the Tango World Cup in Argentina and has been in the main cast of the International Congress of Argentine Tango for the last 20 years.