Alejandra Hobert

Alejandra was born in Cordoba, Argentina. From a young age she turned to music and movement to express her inner world. She tried her skills in jazz, contemporary and aerial dance, and yoga and pilates, but once she stepped on the floor of a milonga club in the San Telmo neighborhood in Buenos Aires, she fell in love with tango and never looked back.

Dancing with her partner Adrian, Alejandra quickly became one of the most recognizable and loved dancers in Argentina. Her impeccable technique, work ethic, grace, and elegance made her a beloved feature in major tango competitions, shows and festivals around the world. Alejandra has danced for renowned companies such as Tango Danza, Otango, and CincoTango, even implementing her talent into choreography.

Currently, Alejandra serves as a jury member of the Tango World Cup in Argentina, in the Pista and Stage categories. As a distinguished dancer, teacher and choreographer of Argentine tango, Alejandra is bringing her 25 years of experience to Tanda®. She is passionate about sharing a new level of tango experience with the South Florida tango community, as well as excited about raising a new generation of tangueros.