Olga took her first tango lesson over 20 years ago. The nostalgic sensuality of the music, the warmth of the embrace while dancing and the connection with like-minded people captivated her, she was hooked! After a brief period, the journey that she had embarked on came to an end but this new  world she had discovered and the passion she felt for it would remain, simmering inside.

A few years ago, Olga’s life took a very difficult and unexpected turn where she found herself struggling to find balance and joy. Like a long-lost friend, tango reappeared in her life. She could have never imagined the healing power she felt as she rekindled her passion for tango. It became her therapy, meditation, prayer and the endless source of happiness. It made her feel alive again.

As she continued to dance, grow and heal, Olga felt inspired and empowered by her journey and became interested in the idea of creating a holistic tango experience for others. A safe place for self-discovery, emotional healing and spiritual growth, a new exciting spot to meet old friends and make new ones while enjoying tango music and building a like-minded community.

She shared this vision with her teachers, Adrian and Alejandra, whose experience and expertise were a big part of her journey. From those conversations, Tanda® was born.