Marcela Duran workshops


June 1-3, 2024

Renowned as “The Woman of the Tango,” Marcela Duran stands as an emblematic figure within the global tango community.
Internationally lauded both for her mastery as a teacher and her iconic performances, Marcela Duran’s influence extends far beyond the stage. From her captivating presence to her distinctive style, she has kindled a fervent interest in tango among audiences worldwide. Not only a performer, she is also a guiding light for countless Argentine Tango instructors and social dancers, shaping the very fabric of the dance form.

Marcela’s deep-rooted connection with tango traces back to her upbringing in Rosario, Argentina, where her father, a bandoneon player, immersed her in the rich tapestry of tango orchestras. Her journey into the dance began in 1988 at Salon Canning, leading her to walk the tango’s path alongside esteemed milongueros, absorbing its essence with each step.


Driven by a passion to share the beauty of tango globally, Marcela ventured to San Francisco in 1994 to grace the stage of Forever Tango. From captivating performances in London to enchanting audiences at the Spoleto Festival in Italy, her partnership with Carlos Gavito brought the dance’s allure to stages across continents.

Recognized for their unparalleled artistry, Marcela and Gavito’s performances, such as “S.V.P” and “A EVARISTO CARRIEGO,” captivated audiences worldwide. Their seamless fusion of technique and emotion epitomized the essence of tango, earning accolades including a Tony Awards and Drama Desk Awards nomination for Best Choreography.

Beyond the spotlight, Marcela’s dedication to tango education saw her and Gavito teaching together for a decade, sharing their profound love for the dance form with students worldwide. Their partnership exemplified the delicate balance of passion and tradition that defines tango’s allure.

Marcela’s legacy extends far beyond the stage, immortalized in glowing reviews and heartfelt tributes. Praised as one of the Great Divas of Tango, her artistry transcends mere performance, leaving an indelible mark on the history of this mesmerizing dance form.


Saturday, June 1st

Class #1 at 3 – 4.15pm FOLLOWERS TECHNIQUE: Fluidity of movement, the art of walking, posture of different styles of tango. The elegance of the finest movement of the feet. (Int-Adv level)
Class #2 at 4.45 – 6pm TANGO: Special workshop on Gavito and Marcela style. Essential elements from head to toe of Marcela’s and Gavito’s unique style, including the concept of the bullfighter. (Int-Adv level)

Sunday, June 2nd

Class #3 at 3 – 4.15pm FOLLOWERS TECHNIQUE: The Woman’s voice, the power of the follower- the poetry, the humanity, and the grace of the dance. What is inside the follower’s roll. The power of the follower to create beauty and freedom. (Int-Adv level)
Class #4 at 4.45 – 6pm TANGO: Sequence for small spaces (Int-Adv level)

Monday, June 3rd

Available for private lessons


Full Pack (four classes) – $110 per person
One day (two classes) – $60 per person

Marcela will be teaching the pre-milonga class on Saturday, June 1st from 8pm to 9pm. Topic: TANGO Apilado technique for social dance.
Marcela will be performing during the Tanda Milonga.

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