Workshops, milonga and private lessons with Ricardo Calvo and Sandra Messina


About Ricardo and Sandra:

Ricardo Calvo, a Tango virtuoso, has captivated audiences worldwide with his mastery as a dancer, choreographer, and show producer. His journey commenced in Argentina in 1984, expanding globally in 1992 with over a hundred international tours. He graced the stages of prestigious festivals across Europe, the US, Russia, and the Middle East. Beyond his remarkable productions, Calvo’s true passion lies in teaching and exploring movement. Pioneering a groundbreaking Tango teaching method, he caters to all, from novices to seasoned professionals.

Sandra Messina, a luminary in the dance world, embarked on her artistic odyssey in Buenos Aires at 18, before transplanting her talent to France. With a foundation in classical and contemporary dance, she ascended as a Master Trainer in Gyrotonic® and Gyrokinesis®. Throughout her career, Messina seamlessly melded her diverse influences, participating in festivals and European tours while crafting innovative projects that interwove dance, theater, Tango, and other art forms.

In 2005, Ricardo Calvo and Sandra Messina converged, fusing their visions, expertise, and aspirations. Their partnership birthed a distinct dance style, marrying the grace of precise gestures with the poignant expression of musical interpretation. Together, they epitomize the fusion of technique, emotion, and artistic exploration in the realm of movement.

Workshop program:

MAY 4 Saturday 

Class #1 / 3-4.15pm TANGO all about the close embrace (Int-Adv level)

Class #2 / 4.45-6pm VALS Rocking steps and alterations (Int-Adv level)

Special PRE-MILONGA class on May 4, from 8pm to 9pm / Topic: TANGO MILONGUERO STEPS

MAY 5 Sunday 

Class #3 / 3-4.15pm Tango: Play with the axis (int-adv level)

Class #4 / 4.45-6pm Milonga: Lisa and Traspié (int-adv level)


Full Pack (4 classes) – $110 per person

One day (2 classes) – $60 per person

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